Optimal Ageing / Executive Health FAQ’s

Are you a qualified medical Doctor / GP?

No, I have however been trained to have a very good understanding of a conventional medical approach. I am unable to prescribe medications but I do have a very sound knowledge of how medicines work within the body. If I believe that specialist medications should be used as part of your treatment I will advise that you should see your Doctor / GP to discuss further.

Do you hold any medical based insurance for your advice?

Yes I hold Medical Mal-practise insurance that covers any advice I give pertaining to Lifestyle Medicine.

Are you covered by private health Insurance provider?

A. At this present time sadly not. However, some of the medical tests I recommend may be claimed back on some private health insurance policies. I will endeavour to let you know which tests can be covered.

What does a consultation cost?

A One hour consultation will be charged at £250. There may be occasions where I will need to see or speak to clients for longer or shorter periods. In these cases time is billed in 20 minute blocks which we will fix before the consultation goes ahead.

How long does a typical programme last and how does this work?

No two people have the same genetic makeup, history or life experiences. We are all unique individuals which is why we need a bespoke health plan that addresses these differences. My experience shows that best way to explain and discuss your health plan is for us to have an initial free 1 hour consultation. In this way you can ask the questions that are unique and relevant to you.

Do I continue using my other current health advisors?

Yes of course. My role is to oversee the whole process of your recovery and will include helping your other advisors in any of the directions we decide to take.

Where can I get more information about your Functional Medicine approach?

Please visit the The Institute for Functional Medicine: http://www.functionalmedicine.org and also see the film featuring Dr Mark Hyman (Chairman of the Board for The Institute for Functional Medicine) at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-7FQvfZSu0

What does working with Pete look like? Structure, Process, Timeframe and Fees