Understand how functional
medicine can change your life

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering. The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings
but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less.

Chronic Health

Cognitive Decline
(Bredesen Protocol ™)

Optimal Ageing /
Executive Health

Chronic Health Conditions

“Lifelong health and vitality is our birthright. Few of us know why we lose it or how to get it back”

Many patients come to me with a chronic health problem that hasn’t improved from traditional treatment, doctors and prescription medications. They come because they’re sick and tired of, well, feeling sick and tired. Many have been given a diagnosis, but many others simply don’t feel well. They’re exhausted all the time and know something is wrong, but their doctors can’t figure out what that something is. If this is you, my goal is to uncover where and why your body is not functioning right (hence the name “Functional Medicine”).

No two people have the same genetic makeup, history or life experiences. We are unique, which is why we need a health plan that addresses these differences. A multifaceted approach that looks to better understand a client’s genetic makeup and how those genetics are influenced from their ever- changing environment and lifestyle is needed.


“My doctor said there was no cure for Fibromyalgia. There is, its called Functional Medicine. I feel sooo much better with Pete’s treatment.”

Pauline. Former Fibromyalgia/CFS sufferer

Cognitive Decline (Bredesen Protocol ™)

Are you often forgetting your keys? a name? an event? a place? These “Senior moments” may be the sign of a brain that is ageing quicker than it should.

The Bredesen Protocol™ is the research driven, ground breaking Medical, Lifestyle and Nutrition based approach to treating, and reversing, Cognitive decline and early onset Alzheimer’s.

Professor Bredesen research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease is not a Neurological disorder that we cannot affect, but a metabolic disease in which we can influence dramatically.

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Optimal Ageing / Executive Health

I have worked with board level executives for 20 years, gaining expertise to the how senior career roles have a direct effect on health.

Many executives are already attempting to live healthier lifestyles but are bombarded with way too much lifestyle information causing confusion and unrealistic expectations. I simplify and individualize these messages with information that teaches, motivates and contributes to successful and positive health outcomes.

I utilize many of the latest advances in medical, nutritional and exercise testing – an approach which maximizes both short and long-term improvements in health, based on the physical, emotional and psychological resources each individual client has.

To discuss your personal and specific needs drop me a line to pete@petewilliams.org

I will be happy to get back to you and arrange a conversation.


“My doctor, nutritionist, psychologist and personal trainer all rolled into one. The perfect answer to the ageing effects of 24/7 big city living”

Mike.  Media Executive